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Just wanting to give an appreciation post for your content, Sara. I have followed your IG for several years and I'm just now getting involved in your website. So far I have loved everything you have to offer. It's so wonderful that you have this group (facebook accountability group) and are an active member in it as well, I find that so helpful. I participate in a variety of online courses and this one is solid and worth investing in!! Thanks so much for your hard work, very inspiring.

-Olivia Ray

As a traditional cabaret style dancer I stepped outside my box and began taking classes with Sara Lyn 2 years ago. She is not only an extremely talented dancer but a genuinely good person! Sara Lyn takes her time to break down moves and gradually incorporate other levels of technique. Her style is graceful, fluid, and dynamic! I have danced for 12 years and my husband says he can see the difference in my dancing since I started dancing with her. She challenges me in every class, whether it be timing, isolations, or control. I highly recommend taking her classes, you will not be disappointed!

ā€” Cat

Among many dancers I've encountered in my Tribal fusion quest, Sara Lyn definitively caught my upmost attention.She is extremely skilled, professional and refinely effective in her way of teaching. She makes seemingly complicated movements easy to understand because in her lessons she really puts the accent on those specific movements until they're crystal clear in your mind and muscles.

Many lessons are really super fun and her way of dancing really reconnected me to profound body awareness + waking up my sensual power in unimaginable ways. I feel comfortable to improvise any song in any situation with all that I've learned from her.

Iā€™m really glad I found this course and this gorgeous teacher and I highly recommend this School, whether you are at your first steps or already a skilled dancer. Also the videos are well done, definitely Five star material.
There is so much to learn from this sweet and powerful Goddess!

Yiiiiip <3

ā€” Jasmine